Benefits of a Whirlpool or Airspa

Our Whirlpool Spa Bath enables you to experience Hydrotherapy, which mean the therapeutic use of warm water.


The Romans and Greeks knew of the curative and soothing powers of Hydrotherapy. They identified three factors as important for the maximum benefit and enjoyment of your whirlpool spa bath:

  • Heat: warm water raises the body temperature allowing blood vessels to dilate, resulting in increased circulation, allowing aching and sore muscles to heal
  • Buoyancy: supporting your body weight and relieving the pressure on your muscles and joints, helping relaxation
  • Massage: created by mixing air and water which is then dispersed over your body giving a gentle deep massage or an invigorating pulsing effect

With this knowledge, we have channelled our expertise into the careful manufacture of our systems. We have utilized the modern design of today's bath shapes combined with the strategic configuration of spa jets. We have designed our Whirlpool and Air Spa systems to provide all the factors for the hydro-therapeutic effect.