Chillax with David Cameron? No thanks...

Chillax with David Cameron? No thanks...

Former Prime Minister David Cameron recently spent £8,000 on a luxury wood-fired hot tub for his Cornish holiday home.

Cameron was famously ribbed for his love of ‘chillaxing’, and having left in rather murky circumstances following the Brexit vote in 2016, many think he should be in hot water - although this is probably not what they had in mind.

At £8,000, the luxury wood-fired hot tub weighs in at two tons, occupying a significant area of his Cornish holiday home (worth £2m according to the papers).

But you don't need spend anything like this kind of money to enjoy the luxury of a top end bathtub with state of the art whirlpool system. For half what the former Prime Minister (famed for his austerity measures) paid, you could have a large, sharing sized bathtub with fantastic extras like an inline heater (heats while it creates bubbles), micromood LED lights and a Sound Waves system that turns the whole thing into a speaker for your music playlist or audio book.

Don't be like Dave; choose a whirlpool bath.