Control System 100 User Instructions

User instructions for System 100 Whirlpool (WP100) 


Before switching the system on, ensure that the water level is well above the jets.

To activate the whirlpool, press the centre of the on/off control (left above). Pressing the button again will switch the system off.

While the system is running it is possible to adjust the power from the jets by turning the control clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Never switch the system on without water in the bath as this will damage the pump and invalidate your guarantee.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The jets and controls should be cleaned with a soft sponge or cloth; never use an abrasive cleaner.

The whirlpool pump and pipework are self draining; however it is a requirement that the system is cleansed regularly. A system cleaner can be purchased from a variety of suppliers.