Control System 500 User Instructions

User instructions for System 500 Whirlpool (WP500)

with Chromotherapy LED light



Press this button to activate the pump (green LED above button will light). Press again to switch off. This function will only operate if there is enough water in the bath (green LED will flash every second) and has a 30 minute timeout.


When the pump is activated (above) press this button to introduce the blower (green LED above button will light). When the blower is running hold down button for 3 seconds to activate the pulsating mode (green LED above button will flash). The blower will pulse from high to low continuously. Press again to switch off. This function should only be activated if the pump (1) is running and has a 30 minute timeout.


Press this button to active the LED light (green L.E.D above button will light). The light will start on the continuous colour cycle (20 seconds on each colour mix until the button is pressed again). Each time the light function is pressed the light will move on to the next colour sequence. The final colour sequence has every diode illuminated. This function will operate with or without water in the bath. There is no timeout for this function.


When the blower (2) is activated on normal mode (not pulsating) hold down this button to reduce / increase the blower to the required power level (green LED above button will light). The blower will continue to reduce / increase in power until the button is released. The blower will continue to run at the chosen speed until function (2) is de-activated.

20 minutes after the bath has drained the blower (2) will turn on automatically for 2 minutes (green LED above button will light) , 1 min from low to max, then 1 min at max speed, sending air through the pipework (hygiene management). This feature will only activate if button 2 has been used while the bath was full.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The jets and controls should be cleaned with a soft sponge or cloth; never use an abrasive cleaner.

The whirlpool pump and pipework are self draining; however it is a requirement that the system is cleansed regularly. A system cleaner can be purchased from a variety of suppliers.