What is a Whirlpool System?

In a Whirlpool System, the Water Jets are fitted to the front, back and sides of the bath. It is important to position both the water jets for the whirlpool system and the air jets for the airspa system for the best effect.


We have a range of configurations already available; perfectly designed for invigoration and relaxation.

Our systems are supplied with strong 0.75 horsepower pumps. This is more than powerful enough to drive large systems with both whirlpools and airspas.

Whirlpool Hygiene
The hygiene of our systems is very important to us. We ensure each and every bath is fitted and tested for maximum self drain-down. This is to avoid water remaining in the pipes afer your bath. Systems can be fitted with Electronic Varispeed controls which have an Automatic Hygiene Purge routine which uses a blower unit to remove water from the system and dry the pipe work.

We also offer electronic disinfection injection systems and an ozone light in the blower unit to kill bacteria. We have a range of cleaning and hygiene products available to remove any build up of soap etc in the whirlpool pipework.

Our whirlpool bath systems are delivered fully assembled and ready to "plug and play". Our whirlpool bath systems must be installed by qualified electrician and plumber for safety. Please note for proper operation the pump must be situated below the level of the jets.

More installation information can be found on our installation guide page >>